Multiracial Americans are Americans who have mixed ancestry of two or more races. The term may also include Americans of mixed race ancestry who self-identify with just one group culturally and socially (the one-drop rule). Many multiracial people do not believe it is socially advantageous to try to "pass" as white but I am split on it. African Americans of multiracial backgrounds particularly of Black and white ancestry can fake it because white Americans and white South Africans will not know and treat them accordingly.

Through the 18th -19th centuries white male slave masters had sex with African or Negro female slaves through coercion or rape that produced a lot of passing children. Passing means a person, usually of black and white parents, that is recognized as only being white.

I am a little dumbfounded why white people cannot identify someone who is not white but Black people can. There is something negroidish that will give them away. The roots of the hair, hazel or green eyes, lips, nose or even the voice.

Black people know when multiracial people are passing. "She thinks she's white". Yet white people don't have a signature look other than looking white. A local news anchor Barbara Harrison is a pretty woman with shoulder-length dark hair, wide-set green eyes and a friendly smile. Her father was black; her mother's parents were white and Choctaw-Cherokee-black. "I have always consider myself black," she said. Barbara has spoken of being at parties and white women discussing African Americans in negative terms not noticing Barbara was multiracial but to them she was white. I would know she was multiracial from her hair, eyes and nose. Why can't white people see that?