Over the weekend, Steve Harvey’s talk show had officially been canceled. That is cancellation number two for Steve Harvey. So much for playing the game that doesn't last forever.

With an optimistic attitude Steve once told comedian Mo’Nique that she has to “play the game” if she want to advance. This was in regards to Mo'Nique having a few words for Lee Daniels and Oprah Winfrey that left the impression that she was blackballed. Even after Mo'Nique had a contentious interview with Steve Harvey, Steve's tidbit of schooling for her was to play the game. What does it mean "to play the game" and how many players are there to play with?

Some say, when you take any risk you are playing the game. Some say, to get into work place politics if it's to your advantage, others say, knowing the right person or doing the right amount of kissing up -- despite being unqualified for the jobs. In Mo'Nique's case I guess it means to learn how to be social, and not sensitive. So when does the game start and when does it end. In Steve Harvey's case two cancellations ended the game playing. Did he pay the price for playing too much? Or, is that how the bubble bursts.

Is it playing the game or taking the high road for your own success like honing your skills. Because when the game stops you must have the ability to pickup and go somewhere else. Not every hiring manager or department manager wants red lipstick on their ass.

I played the game for 30 years with my resume but not with HR or a hiring manager. My resume spoke for me and not the words of Spike Lee's "please baby baby please". I played the game with my resume and skills and not sucking up to anybody which I hope Steve wasn't indicating for Mo'Nique. To learn how to be social and business minded and not sensitive I will agree with especially if you are a minority. But don't play with your pride.

Whatever you do make sure it is transferrable to the next game or Job when the one you kissed ass for is over.