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Which God is healing the infirmities of the world is it Jesus, Allah, Jehovah...? Can we simply assume even though they each have their own requirements for you i.e., Jesus's repentance of sins and baptism, Jehovah's 10 Commandments, and Allah's Sharia law.

All over the world people are confined to hospitals because of either being sick or with war torn injuries so shouldn't a good God step up.

What's the need for a God to be extremely humble and modest; and yet invisible. What good is being invisible if it doesn't help the world infirmities. What invisible God is there to help the sick without the sick having to show a dogmatic belief just to be healed by them. Let's be pragmatic, a God is suppose to be good and not controlled by cultural influences on how to act and when to act.

Is it enough to appease, pacify or placate God by acceding to his or her demands before a healing. Are sick and war torn children included in this charade of appease, pacify and placate by showing a respectable appearance to a God when they are disease ridden, blown up or caught in war cross-fires. Let's be real maybe the real God doesn't involve himself or herself in the perilous situations because man created these incidents and can easily walk away from what he started. I would guess man's freewill out-rules a God's good intentions. Maybe I am putting the horse before the cart to suggest healings rather then putting an end to sicknesses and cultural wars that put innocent, men, women and children in these situations in the first place.