What have Jesus done for us lately if I may ask? Am I being closed minded or maybe I don't have the church mentality that describes how people can be influenced by their peers to adopt certain Christain beliefs on a largely emotional, rather than rational, basis.

Can Jesus say I freed the slaves 150 years ago! And if that power was invested in him; why were we slaves in the first place.

Maybe he can say over the pulpit that he gave Black Americans a better life minus the whippings and broken families...well not broken families, they still exist without being sold off. We are still second class citizens with the highest child birth death rates for Black women, the highest unemployment, no health insurance, and limited housing. And it's all for 10% of your tithing.

Am I and others like me missing out on something special. Should we be concerned about life after death somewhere in utopia rather than life now. Can Jesus explain over the pulpit how righteous it is to be first in everything bad as Black people. Maybe I have a negative approach that is not constructive, cooperative or optimistic by always finding something bad about the situations. Well certainly I do. Not for myself but my people who are called by a name that seemingly isn't doing them any good yet they conform to doctrines and dogma unwavering.