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*(If you prove me wrong I will give $200 to a charity of your choice.) Latin term for 'arch' is fornix. As a technical term in ancient architecture, (fornix) describes the arch of a vault, the masonry arch of a bridge or aqueduct; also arched gaps in masonry walls for doors and windows (cf. also vault and arch construction). A brothel slang for a place of "prostitute," or "fornix," is a general term for a vaulted space, arcade den, or archway where prostitutes hang out under a fornix or archway.

Sex under a fornix is Fornication between a man and a prostitute under an archway and they exchange money for the sex. 16th century Christian theologians have made it a sin for two people to have consenting sex. Forni-cation comes from: -fornix, arch, vault, vaulted opening; monument arch; brothel, cellar for prostitution -cation an action or process i.e., forni-cation. Put it all together and you have a brothel of sexual acts = fornication. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR FORNICES These arcade dens were called "fornices," from which comes our generic fornication.