Why does it seems that the young girls who have both mother and father in the house are with R Kelly. Is there a lack of maturity and awareness about life when there is a two parents household. Are they (girls) like yard-dogs, rarely taken off its chain for a walk. She is given no toys or sports to play so she plays with her imagination toppling over like a water bowl and leaving it empty (which half the time it is anyway). When they get loose from home they take off and needs to be chased down and sometimes never to return.

In the R Kelly docu-series all the wayward young ladies seemed to have both parents. Is it a matter of being slow to grow up with malleable minds.

Surely they are book-smart but not street-smart when someone has a sense of, or knows how to handle themselves with people in a rough neighbourhood or on the street. People can be street smart regardless of their style. It usualy depends on where or how they were raised. It also can mean how well someone can handle themselves in an unfamiliar neighbourhood or environment.

It seems that a two-parent family can accelerate the naiveness in their child(ren) especially if they learn nothing about the street from you. How do you as a parent balance it out. It is a very sensitive negotiation factor with life because many things can go wrong in practice and theory doesn't work. Therefore there are many R Kelly's out there standing by that can be the nail in the coffin, no pun intended. So what do you do as parents. You be vigilant and always talk about life and be involved with their decisions but let them make the decision as you do a preliminary analysis of their decision.