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I see a glass as neither half empty or half full until I discover where it was previously to my observation. Therefore I hold no opinion. On the other-hand Psychologists uses simple tests like this to determine whether a glass-half-full person' is an optimist, who always thinks that good things will happen or a 'glass-half-empty person' a pessimist, who always thinks that bad things will happen. But what about having relevant evidence before drawing either conclusions meaning having the tendency to draw facts first around the glass's previous level while staying hopeful until you draw a firm conclusion. What kind of person draws a firm conclusion and are they optimistic or pessimistic until evidence is drawn. Is being optimistic competent. Is a glass containing fluid half-way a true status of someone's optimistic, pessimistic or competent behavior. Can this be applied to anything like a half-full bag of leaves or garbage can with trash. We all think different because of our social and economical upbringing and how good or bad our lives have been in establishing a character trait. But can it really be determined by a glass with fluid. What if your car was teetering on a cliff wouldn't that be the real proof for optimism or pessimism?