When you travel all over the world you will see billboards advertising companies from the US, Europe and Asia posting their untranslated or untransposed copyrighted names. So, why was it necessary to transpose biblical names for a world of different languages to interpret when a biblical name like a corporate name can remain the same just like a logo.

Honda Motor Company, Ltd a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation is Honda Motors everywhere it represents. So why was Latin Iacob transposed to the English name Jacob and Latin Iesous transposed to Spanish name Jesus? Just like the Japanese name Honda, the original name Iesous can be the same worldwide so there is no confusion as to who it represents.

Why was it necessary for biblical names to be changed but not corporate names. Shouldn't the same conceptual thinking be applied for not transposing a biblical name for 1000 languages as it is for corporations unless they want to cater to a certain people.