You open the morning newspaper to see a story about a person suspected of committing an atrocious act of violence that inflicted multiple casualties on an innocent population.When we see the weapon(s) being used, and who is using them it is determined by race alone whether that person is a mass murderer or terrorist. Mass murder is the act of murdering a number of people, typically simultaneously or over a relatively short period of time and in close geographic proximity. There is no universal agreement on the definition of terrorism. Various legal systems and government agencies use different definitions. Moreover, governments have been reluctant to formulate an agreed-upon and legally binding definition. Difficulties arise from the fact that the term has become politically and emotionally charged. The terms terrorist and mass murderer are indistinguishable until race is involved. When you examine throughout history all the killings done by heads of states, i.e., Genocides, ethnic cleansing, and mass ethnic and/or religious persecution it is considered mass murders in Europe, Asia and Africa. When atrocities come upon the USA from an outside source who happens to be Middle Easterner or African and most certainly Muslim it is terrorism. There has not been one mass murder in the US that was contributed to terrorism by white men or whether they were the KKK or White Nationalists. Why, because they don't want these to become become politically and emotionally charged groups getting taxpayers dollars and to foremost not identify a white person as a terrorist. Remember terrorism is defined as unlawful force and violence used to "to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives."Historically, the Klan and White Nationalists used terrorism—both physical assault and murder—against groups or individuals whom they opposed. The federal police agencies have never defined these groups as terrorist or extremist and never will.The Black Panther Party (BPP) was considered a black extremist and terrorist organization by the FBI, founded in Oakland, California in 1966. Because it advocated the use of violence and guerilla tactics to overthrow the U.S. government but never did nor killed any innocent civilians of any race.When a white American attacks, call it by its true name: Terrorism.