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When you are asleep and cannot speak is God still there. Is there a mutual understanding that says words are needed for God to move. Must we commit to worship or prayer to get results from God. Is God like a vending machine rendering a service for a cost. We are prescribed a belief that we must pray for everything but isn't silence better than words. Prayer is our greatest Christian privilege but we may as well admit it is our greatest Christian failure. We dared not make a move without committing to prayer, seeking God out for his guidance and deliverance through prayer but who is to say God doesn't work through silence. Do we lack an assurance, a confidence; a promise from our own silence. Is the reliance on a wordy prayer a setup for God to take the fall if a prayer is not answered. In our sleep in perfect peace is God a God of quid pro quo expecting a prayer in return for his services. And if among the many prayers I say the wrong words is the real God's self esteem that low to require me to pray again.