The Civil Writer Magazine

When I travel to LA and I make my mecca through the Skidrow section I would exit saying thank you Lord I don't have to live like that and I go on my merry-way. That thank you convicted me as selfish, lacking consideration for others unfortunate happenings; and chiefly concerned with one's own personal outcome, profit or pleasure. It provides nothing to the circumstances but only to the welfare of self.

If you attended a picnic where dozens of people got sick and was sent to the hospital and all you have to consider is, it wasn't me thank God, that is a selfish thank you to God being a concern with one's own personal outcome, profit or pleasure. Although the expression 'thank you' is a polite expression of one's gratitude towards an event you felt was bestowed on you by God it should not be at the demise of someone else's unfortune circumstances. It is better to remain silent than to express gratitude for your outcome when others are sick, hurt, dead or have a misfortune. Should someone praise God for their success over your misfortune? or is it better for them to keep their mouth shut and contribute prayer, money, time or a word of hope for your unfortunate circumstances.

What if your family member(s) dies in a car accident, should they say thank you God it wasn't me or my family. No. You or them should pray for the welfare of another whether hurt, need peace for the family under the circumstances if someone dies, or the welfare of those on Skidrow homeless, or sick. Your "thank God" has no place in other's unfortunate happenings.