In history all over the world Black history is absent. You cannot rest with Egyptian history alone as Black history although they are considered Africans. The only history the world will not let us escape is slavery. Even biblical history that should be unabashed, undisguised and unapologetic doesn't do do-diligence, investigating or exercising care that a reasonable history has Blacks people in it.

Yes, it is true that Israel is a melanated people but not necessarily a Black race. There are some Black Israelites but even they are absent from Israeli history. Where were Africans/ African Americans to graft themselves into a religion that didn't identify them as a contributing factor to Christianity.

Where were we? Did we not exist in the world. Did we not occupy all of Africa? Are we intentionally left out of Biblical history as a Black race. How are Black people to consider a God that even left us out of history. We could have least been a body of Africans being fed.

We have no Black eyewitnesses or griots who maintain a tradition of oral history in Israel. Yet you believe in a religion that doesn't substantiate your presence as a people.