For many of you African Americans who want to reference how your life has been inspite of racism and unemployment problems, sicknesses, medical problems, schools and religion, many of you have had a white life. Dr. Martin Luther King's "mountain top" speach was carved out of the future to be exact 50 years ago but it is not something out in the future stratosphere for us now, it is here. Dr. King said, in a sense we've come to our nation's capital to cash a check. Well that check has been cashed many times since 1968 with businesses, homes, schools, and megachurches. Every now and then we come up with insufficient funds but that is life and from a lack of education but not necessarily racism. Your life is white if you want to use a reference. It is not the life of your parents and grandparents that was intermixed with the remnants of slavery. Dr. King had a dream that we are living. If not, we chose to settle with excuses. The dream continues there is no end until the morning.