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Alexander Dumas, Alexander Pushkin, Alessandro de Medici, Bathsheba, Fredi Washington, Beethoven, Carol Channing, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Charlotte, Wolfgang, King James 1, Clark Gable, and many others. They cannot deny their Distinctive Negro, Native American Ancestry (DNA) because genealogy and science have pulled the masks off.

Many are historically featured as white to disguise their distinctive ancestry of i.e., African Moor, African American and Native American blood. Because they look white i.e., passing, many portrayed themselves white in their cultures for industrial success and good treatment because being Black and successful comes with hardships, limitations and challenges. Black faces cannot survive in white places with white racists. Blacks have to code switch their livelihood from Black to a white culture.

As millions of black Americans today are well-aware of from experience, sometimes hard work is not enough.