What is a meme face and is it the same as blackface a caricature of a race? When black people started having their own beauty pageants and contestants didn't have a true talent, they would do an interpretive dance. Interpretive dance is a family of modern dance styles that began around 1900 with Isadora Duncan American and French dancer who performed to acclaim throughout Europe.

It seeks to translate human emotions, conditions, situations or fantasies into movement and dramatic expression, or else adapts traditional ethnic movements into more modern expressions.

That same interpretive dance has now made its way into a lot of churches under the guise of "Praise Dancing." It's like having a church pom-pon team. "We are interrupting your regular scheduled programming to bring to you a lot of skirt tossing, legs flailings, hopping, skipping, leg thrusting, arm-waving and pirouetting before the sermon."

Ok... I will give those movements of praise dancing to them but what about the white faces caricatures. The white face is called a 'meme' short for mimeme meaning imitation. What or who, are they imitating with a whiteface, white Angels, or white people.

Whiteface is a form of performance in which a person wears theatrical makeup in order to make themselves look like a white person, usually for comical purposes but now it is adopted by praise dancers. The term is a reversal of the more common form of performance known as blackface, in which performers use makeup in order to make themselves look like a black person. In keeping this with the Black churches praise dancers performing as "mimes" in whiteface, can anyone besides me see the hypocrisy in our getting mad over white people in blackface even if the whiteface meme represents Angels. Besides you will not see white praise dancers in whiteface, I guess they are close to being authentic as they can get.