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The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that President Donald Trump has the authority to block people from certain majority-Muslim countries from coming to America. Not only Muslims but Haitians, and occupants of shit-holes countries. None have caused any chaos to the US like Saudi Arabia and 911.

Now we have a more deeper problem with the Chinese people from Asian countries. The Coronavirus which Asian countries are spreading is emerging as the culprit to cause more damage to the US people and economy than any Muslim, Haitian or shit-holes countries. (Total cases: At least 34,000 as of Friday evening Total deaths: At least 722 worldwide as of Friday evening)

Why hasn't there been a ban on Asians who are not Americans coming to America. The airlines have done there part by canceling flights.

Delta, American and United announced they will temporarily cancel all of their mainland China flights in response to the coronavirus outbreak, facing pressure from unions representing airline employees and new warnings from public health officials.

The Coronavirus has done more damage than any one person, religion or race. The Trump administration who calls themselves proactive has shown less concern for a people carrying a virus than a people carrying a passport and Koran or dark skin and nappy hair.