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Had God put us in heaven first we would have done more to stay there than our present diagnosis which is to escape hell on earth. We are standing at the fork in the road having to consider the next move to heaven. The move might have us at a place of mystification and distorting our perceptions of reality as to whether we are trading good for bad, earth for heaven based upon there being a lack of empirical data for heaven.

We do believe heaven wouldn't have the many obstacles to contend with like here on earth with third party religions telling us how to get there; but God's firsthand direction would tell you how to stay. We wouldn't need Satan the sin antagonist or Jesus the dying savior because no sin would prevail in heaven.

Living on earth doesn't provide a scale to rate our performance to get to heaven. We are ricocheting aimlessly off of ancient history for directions.

We are feeling our way around a dark world with thousands years old signs once found among mountainous rocks, dirt and wind-swept sands we call scriptures aka the words of God. What a way to find God.

Had we been created in heaven first we wouldn't need a Bible to go along with the anxiety of making it into heaven.

Maybe earth is heaven and hell combined with an expiration date that comes with good and bad choices assisting us like religions, antagonisms, saviors, Bible, Koran, Tanakh and Bhagavad Gita. Maybe it is all an Amazon assembly line process with various birth postal codes marked with addresses to heaven, hell and earth. And just maybe heaven and hell already have occupants that have never seen earth. Jesus said, I will go and prepare a place for you rather than go and prepare heaven for you.