The Washington Times once wrote that the left doesn’t want to admit it, however, the more time goes by, the more we need to realize that Barack Obama was an evil president. I say this because it is clear Mr. Obama attempted to destroy the one thing that separates America from most of the world and provides for its overwhelming success — the rule of law.

Mr. Obama used the federal government as a gangster army to attack people he didn’t like, or that stood in his way for the left’s thirst for overwhelming power. He used the agencies of the federal government to spy on its citizens, oppress and intimidate the political opposition, and even manipulate our elections.

Where is this same Washington Times editor sentiments now with the evil one President Trump. His presidency will have devastating consequences for generations on Americans to come, for he has shaken the morality of the country. Under his presidency racial tensions have increased, people looking for a better life have been jailed and families separated. A virus has increased on American soil. He brought the image of sexism, marital affairs, lying and cheating. No Christian conservatives has accused President Trump of the ills of America like they did former president Obama. Obama went to church, have spoken in church and the husband of one wife was accused of all America's ills. How does Trump get a pass. He has proven to be more demonic in his life, marriages, businesses and with people. Now that God has brought the plague on America Obama is not the blame.