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There are three reasons why men are not so forgiving when it pertains to the wife having an affair, and those are pride, social responses and science. You would think all is the same between the couple but things are not. Society says women and men are suppose to have one partner and conduct themselves a certain way and that is reinforced biblically. So, when it comes down to a wife's indiscretion with another man what the Bible says about forgiveness doesn't matter to her husband it is far from his mind. Now this same situation against the man would fair differently for a woman and what the bible says does matter to her.

For her husband's actions she is more likely to forgive his shortcomings, but don't give that same understanding to him.

A man's unforgiving heart is based upon pride, social response (what others think) and science regarding what it does to a woman's body. When it comes down to (pride) he struggles with another man being able to conquer his personal possession to the point of undressing his nakedness. A biblical term meaning when another man sleeps with a man's wife. That pride or mental trophy he kept because of her dedication to him has to be relinquished to the new conqueror of her body, mind and heart. When it comes down to what others think about his defeat, it will play on his mind because he lost control of his wife.

When it comes down to science man will struggle with a wife having an affair because a woman having sexual intercourse with another man can carry the DNA of another man for days and even years according to the situation. A man's sperm can live in a woman vagina for several days. And if she gets pregnant and abort a male baby, that male baby's DNA according to research can stay in a woman's body for an undetermined amount of years and even mix with another baby's DNA if you decide to have one together.

Many wise men knows this and struggles consciously with the wife having a sexual affair. So his recourse with the indiscretion is a lifetime of anger or separation. But the woman can be more forgiving when her mate gets into the same predicament even if he produces a baby with another woman. Should a man be forgiving like a wife...yes. But it seems that he has more challenges when it comes down to 1. his pride, 2. social stigma and 3. biblical implications that states how a person should forgive the other.