WHY MEN TROPHY HUNT MARRIED WOMEN (When a man hunts the wife of another man for ego boosting)

WHY MEN TROPHY HUNT MARRIED WOMEN When a man hunts the wife of another man for ego boosting

Trophy hunting is an uncalled for; lacking good reason; and unwarranted act involving a man getting romantic with another man's wife that can be rewarding to him. Men trophy hunt because it signals to themselves they still have what it takes to pull women. The conquest involves different trophies sizes from someone's girlfriend to another's wife which is ultimately the biggest trophy to put on his mantle of success.

What type of women are these men looking for besides being married. 1. They are looking for women that are socially awkward. The typical socially awkward woman doesn't feel comfortable in a social situation so the attention coming from a man providing comfort will put her at ease. 2. A serious ego booster is a confident woman who enjoy being a woman and let men treat them as such.

And finally 3. the biggest catch is a married woman with children because the feeling is, she is ignored at home. She will also be more easy to ditch when the conquest wears off. If he can get you to communicate everyday with mundane conversations, nothing too deep, he can quickly tune-in to the family members primarily the Husband's status; such as what he does for a living and his social habits, that is the information he needs to do his conquest. A man knows that asking about the children becomes a woman's kryptonite where she becomes at ease. Whatever becomes of those relationships, they become sexual, romantic friendships, or become a passionate attachment that do not last long because he is a trophy hunter and must move on to the next married woman because the underlying goal is a sexual conquest not a long time relationship.