Reparations the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged. My grandmothers are 3 good reasons why reparations should be distributed. My great great grandmother would eventually have her land takened because of not paying taxes on over a hundred acres of land. The bulletin for taxes was posted several miles away at the Union Parish courthouse in Farmersville Louisiana miles from the Black farmers in Marion. Being there was no local newspaper in the Black community or former Black slaves who could read or write to distribute the message of tax time, my great great grandmother and others lost their property and didn't have the money to recover their land.

My great grandmother and grandfather had approximately 160 acres of good lumber and farm land. They were ran off their property by the lumberjacks and lumber companies because they wanted the lumber for railroad tracks. My grandparents never recovered the property because of the threats on their lives. This was around the time riots were breaking out in Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma that killed hundreds of Black citizens.

My grandmother lived under Black codes that traveled with her to the west. Codes that wouldn't allow her the same medical attention as whites with Tuberculosis. She had to die at home. So why is reparations necessary after the death of my grandparents not living to utilize any money from stolen property and poor medical treatment. It would go to their offspring that lived and suffered through Jim Crow up to 1964. Those who were born before that year 1964 faced their own discriminations that still involved lynchings, poor schools, housing, medical and jobs under Jim Crow.