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If you refused to stand on a three legged stool why would your logic be questioned over the obvious concern. A three legged stool is an analogy a comparison between things that are unstable, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification. Faith is a three legged stool that assumes some risk and although faith would be your center of gravity or support it doesn't remove the instability surrounding the apparent absent leg. You can have any level of faith (or legs) you choose but knowledge should not be missing. Knowledge produces reasoning; the action of thinking about something in a logical and sensible way. Christianity is based upon faith that Jesus is the father, son and Holy spirit all rolled up in one. Based upon that scenario your unquestionable faith provides a reward called heaven because you didn't use reasoning in your decision but does that make sense. Why would God be upset with you if you used reasoning as a prerequisite to establish your decision. If faith is the litmus test why can't we also consider a logical thought process to get to faith. Why must I be told what to believe rather than use my own senses.

There is one word never used in the Bible and that is 'fact' and yet some forms of the word 'faith' is used over 300 times. If you stand before God and use reasoning as a defense wouldn't it mean that you have faith in your own reasoning.