If your marriage goes "Middle east" on you after 10 years and it is not of your free will and there are kids from the marriage, keep that name after the divorce under one condition, he has a good "retirement". If your life was good with your husband monetarily and he has a strong wage earning job don't trade that name in to marry a low wage Warren. Look out for your future play that name game. Let's cut to the quick. You get a chunk of his social security when you retire regardless of his second wife or third. If you were married to him for at least 10 years and you have children together and you never remarried before retirement you get the option to his social security when you retire. Make your life easy at the end by collecting his social security. And if he is a retired veteran the pot gets sweeter.

You don't ever have to marry someone else if they are not financially better-off than what you left. Only if there is a tremendous financial change that will cover your retirement should you forego your former husband's surname. Now, for you Christian ladies who are young and wants to go into another relationship to not be married is not a sin. Let me tell you why. A marriage license was permission originally for interracial couples to get married. In American history, around the 1920’s, there was no such thing as a marriage license. The states invented them as a way to dictate who could and could not get married for the purpose of making sure blacks, whites, Asians and Indians didn’t mix.

See Blacks Law dictionary for further information. A marriage license became a way for the states to control its races.

There are only two sins for sex, adultery and fornication and neither pertains to you. 1. You are divorced and single therefore no adultery. 2. You are not selling your body therefore you are not fornicating. Fornication is simply selling sex for money. Look up the etymology of forn.

I have been very opened for someone to prove me wrong in anything I have said aaaaand "crickets". Look out for your kids and your future.