There is a title, "Woman thou art loosed" used as the title of movies, books and sermons. It tells the story of a young woman who must come to terms with a long history of sexual abuse, drug addiction, and poverty. Certainly those are the most traumatizing events in any woman's life. But what about obesity better known as overweight that seems to be less traumatizing mentally but more acceptable in the Black culture. It is the most socially apparent queue in the life of a Black woman that something is unsettling.

Diseases such as sexual abuse, drug addiction, and poverty affect racial groups differently, especially when they are co-related with class disparities. The barriers to access healthcare systems can create different biological effects among racial groups especially Black women.

Percent of Black women aged 20 and over with obesity: 56.1% (2013-2016)

Percent of white women aged 20 and over with obesity: 38.8% (2013-2016)

The message "Woman thou art loosed" is not wrong but not inclusive of one of the most destructive aspects of a Black women's life and that is her weight. If something as personal as sexual abuse, drug addiction, and poverty can be discussed in a sermon, why can't a Black woman's weight be discussed as well. Isn't it worth the tithes and offerings, afterall the churches are majority women. It doesn't seem fit to save their soul and not their lives as well. It is true that overall men are 70.9% to women 59.8% overweight in the US. But Black American young women are much more likely to be obese than their male counterparts if their parents have less education, according to this study of data from a U.S. public health survey. In black families in which neither parent completed high school, 45.4 percent of young black women were obese, compared to just 16.7 percent of young black men.

Conclusion: For the Black culture the enemy is not the white man but the obesity among Black Americans especially Black women. An unhealthy Black woman is an unhealthy Black family. The Black woman is the cornerstone of the Black family not the Black man. So the jewel of the Nile should be kept well at all cause. Don't think the Black man's street whistle should be an indication that he wants to live with fatness. That is a very small percentage of men who favors big women other than to have sex, and they are usually small in stature.