It is stated you can distinguish a Man of Morehouse because he writes with a pen,

Clark Atlanta University (CAU) writes with pencils, and Morris Brown writes with crayons. Just because Dr. King attended the all male HBCU it has placed itself among others as a top HBCU school with no outstanding historical value like Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. The first and oldest HBCU, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1837 created specifically for black students because a philanthropist witnessed the struggles and challenges that Blacks were facing.

The sterotypes about MC is that all the guys at Morehouse are gay as well as they put everyone else down to make themselves look good. MC pretending to know what the definition of a true black man is just because it is a all male school and Dr.Martin Luther King attended. But imagine a new school policy that unequivocally has to state “No Pumps Allowed” which at the moment presents a question, is Dr. King turnt over in his grave shaking his head or, is he ok with its gayness.

Inspite of the schools which you attend he stated "The Purpose of Education,” in our communities, if not for the goal of intelligence than for the goal of social living. “The function of education is to teach one to think

intensively and to think critically,” he wrote.

In 1944, Martin Luther King began his studies at Morehouse College in Atlanta, which at that time racism was the problem of the school but not homosexuality as an urgent matter. The college still lives out Dr. King's legacy even if it is done in high heels. We know that homosexuality was not a problem with Dr. King because one of his right hand soldiers in the civil rights trenches was a homosexual named Bayard Rustin whose life was shaped by the very prejudices the movement fought against, not only because of his race, but also because he was gay. Dr. King was a supporter even when Bayard's lifestyle brought some shade on the movement.

Would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. be pleased with Morehouse today with Morehouse identity as a gay school. I believe he would be as long as the school's function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think

critically” regardless of the male students being told no high heels allowed.