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Every religion comes with a God and a means to communicate with him, her, or them. If a name is never mentioned in a prayer they all would communicate the same sentiments, concerns or desires to an entity. A prayer to Allah, Jehovah and Jesus seems to work for their billions of worshippers undeterred and unquestionably. If you were of a different religion and needed prayer would you turn down your brother or sister's prayer request from an opposite religion? Would you allow a preconception to reject the request. What if you haven't heard from your own God then what is there to lose? Is there a lost or a gain to believe in the prayer to another God. Being all gods are supposedly good to have another God come to your assistance is not farfetched. Not all prayer requests are answered in a time of need and what is amusing is the three major religions have Abrahamic gods so to turn down prayer from one of these religions is to turn down your own God under a different name. Even if it were the Gods of Hinduism or Buddhism there is more to gain with their prayer as a trial than being in error for not trying. And if your God responded quickly out of anger for using another God than to simply answer your prayer, your God would be shortsighted on your welfare. How would you know another God did or didn't answered your prayer in the first place.