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Scientific methods often involves lab experiments that are repeated over and over, and these experiments result in quantitative or qualitative data. However, that is not the only process used for gathering information to support or refute a theory. "Empirical evidence"

includes measurements or data collected through direct observation or experimentation." Being God doesn't play games or is resolved with science you can never collect data on God such as when he listens, answers prayers, save people and fight your battles.

We try to examine the reasons behind God's behavior with a question or hypotheses, and then acquiring the knowledge through observations and experiments to either support or disprove a specific theory. A question would be how many prayers does God answers or How do you know God has answered your prayers? Well you cannot count answered prayers in square miles or weight per human like you do with ants. God's ways and actions are unscientific but we do give some things a try through carbon dating and DNA or settle with using sampling to get an estimate of things they cannot easily count.