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    People are always looking for more, it's the paradox of having choices. When you date, your relationship is structured on simplicity, no bills, no children together, no fussing or fighting, and then you take it further, and get married, and then the marriage wants more because of a paradox of choices. Then an affair takes place; because of bills, children, fussing and fighting. Then the affair wants more because of a paradox of choices. Then it starts all over again because of a paradox of choices. Dating is no longer black and white or domestic but international because of the advent of 21st Century dating sites. You are now meeting people from all over the world because of the internet. We are the new IP (Internet Partnering) generation where everything is a send and receive, cut and paste. You are no longer meeting people from high school, church or in your community where cultures are in common, but now you are meeting people from all walks of life with various cultural experiences and motivations. The foot print of any man and woman are the same in the sand, they are 3-dimensional; and the person who created the foot print has a 3-dimensional character as well.

    When you meet someone, they will only show two-dimensions, looks and a small segment of their characteristics not their third dimension which is their motivation for wanting you. To understand the difference between a 2D and a 3D person, a two-dimensional person presents very little to the imagination, you see their looks and they show a part of their character; pretty much what you see should be suspect for what you get. They do things that are emotionally necessary for the moments, yet you do not know their motivations. A three-dimensional person will reveal their motivations with possible flaws and aspirations because they at some point offers up a revelation into their background inconspicuously.

    There is a phrase, "you don't know Jack" (with or without the expletive) that has been used for decades to say someone knows nothing about a subject in this case a man or woman partner. Well, this is the case with most most men and women who dates someone; they don't know them because all they see are two dimension of that person absent of their motive for wanting to be with you. There are three dimensions to anyone, 1. Looks, 2. Character, and 3. Motive for wanting you.