When you get to heaven don't be surprised to hear a flamboyant "surprise surprise surprise" coming from your gay church choir director. What he or she is, is not a sin. Being homosexual alone doesn't prevent you from the throne. Here is the proof. Homosexuality was controlled under the Mosaic laws but there are no followup laws in the New Testament that controls homosexuality. Therefore if there is no law there is no sin.

Homosexuality becomes a villian because its historical actions are important for religious and political gains. Society cannot carry-over selective sins from the Old Testament just because they don't like it. Isn't it strange that there are no carry-over sins against eating Shrimp and Pork. What about Lev 19:19 ....neither shall a garment mingled of linen and wool come upon thee.

Homosexuality is in every crosshairs as poster boys and girls for hell. And yet, the heavenly staircase will have a lot of homosexual traffic that some heterosexuals will not be a part of.