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Let’s go back in time, to Los Angeles in 1875. Here’s what you see: basically nothing. The “town” is even sort of grand for what it was with about 8,000 people in it. But here’s something weirder: there are no palm trees. As a matter of fact, there aren’t really any trees at all. This area is just sort of a scrubland desert. What you see of palm trees are transplanted. Had I not been born in LA the chances of me growing up under a palm tree would be obsolete.

To follow up with that environmental thinking had I not been born in the US there is a greater chance my religion would be something other than Christianity. Our religious beliefs are circumstantial just like my palm trees experience. We are born into each condition without a choice.

From this environmental upbringing we develop what is called natural selection. Natural selection leads to evolutionary change when individuals with certain religious characteristics have a greater survival rate than other individual religions transplanted in a population and passed to their offspring.

Islam, Hinduism and buddhism you did not find in the United States because those religions were not cultivated here. You found Christianity because it was a generational religious product transplanted in the western hemisphere in the late 1600s like palms trees were to Los Angeles in the late 1800s. Therefore you are part of a cultural, regional, and environmental religious belief. Had you been born in Asia and southeast Asia you would have likely been Buddhist or Hindu. Had you been born in the Middle east you would likely be Muslim but you are neither because circumstances have you Christian.