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Gian Giorgio Trissino in 1524 created and distinguished the soft J sound, as in “jam”. In the original languages (Latin, Greek, Hebrew) there were no (J) names Jehovah, Jesus, Joseph, etc., the letter which we write today as J did not exist as the original first letter for the names Jehovah, Jesus, Joseph, etc., it was I/i, the Greek (iota), and Hebrew (yod). The newly created letter (J) transposed the letter (I) in the Greek name “Iesus” translated as “Yeshua,” changed into a modern English creation “Jesus.”

Benjamin Blaney in 1769 revised the 1611 King James Bible – noted as the "Benjamin Blayney Edition” that had the original name Iēsous/ Iesus. Blaney applied the name Jesus as the new translation into the new King James Version of the Bible. This translation has been used every since.

Quintus Tertullian famous for being the first writer in Latin known to use the term trinity. Tertullian's trinity [is] not a triune, [3 in 1] God, as theologians have you to believe but Tertullian defined Jesus as part of a triad or group of three, with God as the founding member, but Jesus was not equal to God. Therefore if Jesus was part of a equal trinity [3 in 1] that includes the father and Holy spirit they would have died with him on the cross. But Jesus died alone as part of a triad without any trinitarian authority matching God.

Your salvation is based upon 400 year old human creations that were never part of any Old or New Testament scriptures. But the new additions were adopted by the masses over the centuries. Obviously the changes didn't alter their perceived benefits to be Christians saved by faith. Many Accepted the changes as necessary to be accepted by the church of England. Over time these additions became status quo and the interest in disrupting the new addictions was not an issue being it could have been a sign of aggression towards new theological indoctrinations of the church that unbeknownst were made up by man.